Wednesday, June 01, 2011

British "Fracking" Causes Earthquake... So What Now?

Hydraulic Fracturing, known as "frac'ing" in the industry, has made another unwelcome appearance in the media, in which the process is termed "fracking", where it is reported that the procedure may cause earthquakes ( Essentially, water containing a surfactant and various other chemicals is injected under high pressure into a source rock e.g. shale, causing the latter to fracture and release natural gas (principally methane). It is hoped that fracking will provide 45% of the U.S. gas by 2035, although the jury remains "out" on its safety aspects, awaiting the conclusions of studies by the University of Texas and by the Environmental Protection Agency.

In Europe, fracking is set to be adopted widely, particularly in Poland which has significant reserves of gas-shale, while in France, which is similarly well resourced, reservations over groundwater contamination by fracking are sufficiently strident that the country has vowed not to adopt the method. France indeed produces almost 80% of its electricity from nuclear power, while other EU nations rely far more on fossil fuels and for whom gas is a more important ingredient of their energy-mix, including the UK.

In the inauguration of a pilot study offshore near the famous holiday resort of Blackpool, renowned for its "sticks of rock" and big-dipper rides, in the North-West of the United Kingdom, an unexpected side-effect of fracking has been identified, namely an earthquake of magnitude 2.3 which has reinforced some disquiet as to the safety of the procedure. Commercial fracking is presently banned not only in France, but in New York and Pennsylvania states, from where there is footage available on YouTube of residents setting fire to their drinking water in consequence of the high levels of methane gas in it arising from neighbouring fracking operations.

Now it appears there may be another hazard associated with the process, which is reminiscent of the discovery made in Switzerland a couple of years back that pumping water deep into hot rocks to extract geothermal energy can also cause earthquakes. It is thought that the UK operation will be put on hold for several weeks while the British Geological Survey considers the situation, but given the potential importance of fracking as a substantial contribution to world future energy needs, it is almost certain that it will not be abandoned.


True said...

Did you see this new video of Gasland director admitting he didn't show the full story -

Professor Chris Rhodes said...

Interesting about the "troublesome amount of methane in water" before fracking started. There is the issue of whether the gas is thermogenic (from deep sediments) or biogenic, and the signature of which it is can be provided by the carbon isotope ratio,


Chris Rhodes

Mark said...


From the look of things it appears such concerns like water contamination and earthquakes will be of secondary concern because of our need for oil. The Economist just published a story that said oil consumption has exceeded production by 5 million bbls a day in 2010. So it looks like peak oil is closer to us than we wish to believe if not we already passed it. That means more fracking for gas and oil at the expense of environmental factors.

The Economist article can be found by clicking on the link below.

Professor Chris Rhodes said...

Wheeeew.... yes, I think you are right. The change in world order is at hand!

I agree, expect more fracking for oil, gas and maybe freshwater, and any other resources to attempt to maintain the status quo.

So really, we are draining the tanks now for oil?


Dematic Conveyor said...

Interesting article. Seems like more natural disasters are occurring and these incidents are only aiding to the disasters. Are the Europeans preparing for an earthquake?

Professor Chris Rhodes said...

I am not aware that the Europeans are preparing for an earthquake. My feeling is that given the energy resources at stake, fracking will become routine, despite various qualms about quakes, groundwater contamination by methane etc.



Dentist Los Angeles said...

That's pretty scary stuff, being from Southern California anything I hear about an earthquake I immediately get a little apprehensive- hopefully it doesn't become a regular occurrence.

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