Saturday, November 30, 2013

Magazine Interview of Professor Chris Rhodes about Deep-water Drilling for Oil. pages 19-21.
 Photo: Me being interviewed by T-Time magazine (Trelleborg Group) about deep-water drilling for oil and gas. pages 19-21.


Unknown said...

The ethanol situation is a moving target that bears watching says Shawn Bartholomae, CEO of Prodigy Oil and Gas Company in Irving, Texas. The financial impact on US citizens has not all been good, with the price of corn dramatically driving up the cost of beef, cereals, etc. The battle goes on as engine manufacturers say damage will be done to cars at higher level of ethanol mixed in with gasoline. Now it is even beginning to be a State vs. Federal legal battle. Where will it all end?

Professor Chris Rhodes said...

There are many issues, as you point out, with ethanol as a "replacement" for petroleum-refined fuels. Indeed, the security of the global food supply is conmpromised by turning crop land/crops over to biofuel production, and so on.

Phosphate rock for fertilizer is mined using oil-fueled machinery, natural gas is used to make hydrogen for nitrogen fuels, and the whole is interconnected is such a way that there is no solution, other than to curb our use of liquid fuels.

Unknown said...

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